If you have ever ached to feel healthy and whole (however imperfect your wholeness may be), this is the book for you.


“Creating Healthy Hearts Guide”

Note From Laurie Morse: 

  • After many attempts to write a book on healing for over 12 years, it still feels unreal that I have a published book on heart health. I get a little misty eyed every time I see it, or someone asks me about the book. How did you decide to write about the heart, people ask. Healing is a broad topic for sure, so I went to bed every night for seven nights with a prayer and a clear request to the Source of all Life (aka The Universe) for the best focus of the book.

On the morning after the 7th night I was in the bathroom and I heard that still, small voice of Spirit that speaks from our heart..."write about the Heart". 

And I knew instantly that was it. It was right in front of me the whole time because not only had I reversed my own markers, but markers for hundreds of women over the years. 

  • My hope is that this particular book helps you find pieces of your wholeness (however imperfect) that cause deep healing with lasting impact so you can live the long healthy life you were designed to.

What Should Be Your Primary Takeaway When You Read This Book? 

#1 That they can make simple adjustments that lower heart markers significantly 

#2 That making these adjustments doesn’t have to be hard if you have a plan and guide to complete it. 

#3 That helping women live long healthy lives is an incredible way to restore wisdom in the world.


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