Reverse heart disease naturally and live a long healthy life!​

Dear Heart, 

It’s not easy to face the idea of a heart problem, I genuinely understand. Stay with me while I speak directly to your heart. Will you do that for your heart? Stay with me? 

It’s so curious to me that heart disease is the #1 killer of women, curious because there are plenty of early warning signs, and the most curious of all is…it’s reversible, and a heart attack or stroke is preventable! 

Why are the statistics so dire, and on the rise? Not to mention it’s completely incongruous with the health coded in every cell. 

So I ask myself, what gives? Over the years, I’ve talked to women just like you about it and here’s what I’ve learned, tell me if this rings true for you…. 

If the doctor hasn’t explicitly said, “You have heart disease”, she doesn’t think she does. 

A doctor might say, “Your cholesterol is too high, you’ve got to bring it down.” Or, “Your going to need to take medication if it doesn’t.” Or, “I’m concerned that your blood pressure is high, let me right you a prescription to bring it down.” 

Or maybe her inflammation or blood sugar is on the rise. 

About half the women I work with want to avoid taking medication (especially because it’s implied that it must be taken for life with all the side effects and cost, she often wants to find a more natural option), the other half are scared and they take the medication thinking they’ll find healthier ways. Some find those healthier ways, while others don’t take the time to look. 

Any of these early warning signs are pointing directly at heart disease. 

One woman, just yesterday, said, “I think I’m in denial about this.” I appreciate how honest she decided to be. She’s not the only woman I’ve heard say that. Maybe you have felt that way too. 

So, I asked her why she thought she was in denial, and she got quiet for a minute and then said soberly, “Because I’m really scared, terrified to be honest, I don’t want to die and I guess I figure if I don’t think about it, I won’t have to face it.” 

I think it’s the “freeze” in the face of fear, of our fight, flight, or freeze nervous system responses, that must be causing the denial. 

But here’s the thing about that, the willingness to stay frozen in denial is killing a quarter of women. Women who have lived a lot of years and gathered a lot of wisdom. That wisdom dies with her unshared and unable to be offered to the world. 

A world in dire need of wisdom I might add. I don’t want you to be one of those women who dies too early leaving parts of yourself unshared. 

Is it difficult to thaw the freeze and do what it takes to reverse heart problems and prevent a heart attack or stroke?I wouldn’t say it’s a breeze but it’s not that difficult. 

In my view, it’s way more difficult to stay frozen heading down the rabbit hole of pain, suffering, and early death that an untended heart eventually causes. 

Would you be willing to be the woman who does what it takes to heal your heart physically, emotionally, and spiritually in order to live the long healthy life you deserve? In order to impart what is yours to impart in this world? 

Imparting wisdom can be as simple as being an example to your family and friends of your commitment to creating heart health (remember this is very doable), or as grand as taking your wisdom into the world on a larger scale. 

The way you do it matters less than THAT you do it. 

Another recent conversation I was having with a wonderful woman had to do with how she’s taken on difficult things before in life, but the difference was it was usually for someone else, not herself. 

She had to figure out how to raise her kids by herself, take care of an aging parent, put her partner through school, move a project forward for her boss. So, so many examples. And every woman has them. 

She was finding it really hard, selfish even, to consider putting so much focus on herself so she could reverse her heart problems. 

It seems to be in our DNA as a woman, to take care of others which isn’t a bad thing. We just can no longer leave ourselves out of the equation. Period. Or the outcome is dire. 

Here’s the thing, nobody can do much for another unless it’s from a full cup. This is a core teaching in every spiritual path. One that SO many spirit-centered women seem to miss. 

Going to the gym, getting manicures, or girls nights are nice, but they are drops compared to the call of your heart to fill your cup fuller. 

What if the fatigue, the pain, the anxiety and tension, the shortness of breath, the rising heart markers are early warning signs (such as cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, inflammation) and are trying hard to get your attention that something needs to change? 

What if they are intelligent messages to show you how to fill your cup and lead you back to your whole, healed self? Doesn’t it make more sense to listen rather than ignore? To open rather than stay frozen? 

It made a difference in my own health, when I stopped ignoring and started listening, the early warning signs of heart disease completely reversed. 

What if everything that matters to you such as being around for your children and grandchildren’s milestones, having energy again to do the things that matter to you, no longer being afraid of your body and her symptoms, getting a good night’s sleep, getting rid of pain and even medication, and to find, and live from your peaceful center…is calling you to it? 

When we’re in denial, we don’t believe those things are possible. But when we choose to not be in denial, and we make a decision to live and to thrive, the path opens to us. Not the whole path, but the next step on the path. 

Most of us do a good job of convincing ourself that if we can’t see the whole path then forget it.But if you think back, it almost always goes like this: 

  • We see the problem
  • We know we want a solution
  • We make a decision to get the solution even though we’re not sure how (can’t see the path but we want the outcome bad enough to move forward anyway)
  • That decision provides the next step. Then the next. Until eventually, we walk ourself right smack dab, face-to-face with the solution.
  • And the solution works.
  • Now, not only are we free of the problem, we are a better version of ourself for transforming it. 

Would you say, when looking back on your successful outcomes, that’s a reasonable overview? I’m not saying there weren’t twists and turns on the path, but rather you eventually got there because it mattered to you that you did. 

Notice it’s the “decision” that shows us the next step. It’s the decision that absorbs the denial. 

It’s only scary if we stay stuck and frozen. It’s not scary when we say “yes” to putting one foot in front of the other. That’s even easier with support. 

Fear can’t fight steps. It just can’t. 

Fear fears change. Yet changes are needed to reverse heart disease. Small steps, regularly taken, cause the change needed to not die before your time. 

Staying frozen is deadly. Moving heals. Healing adds years to your life, and life to your years. 

One step at a time is all you need to do. Really. 

After gathering years of research, talking with cardiologists, and working with many women, I’ve found that there are 7 primary steps that are important to reversing heart disease. 

A few of these steps are the ones that are everywhere like heart healthy nutrition, supplements, and regular movement. But other steps aren’t even talked about in mainstream medicine such as emotional or psychological healing, let alone a woman’s deeper connection with the Source of all Life.Which happens to be centered in the heart!

As I wrote in my book…As human beings we were meant to experience emotions, process them, and then allow them to flow on through, rather than tie them up like hostages and store them for decades. There are some leading-edge visionary cardiologists who have been practicing for years and understand that approaching the heart like a machine that can be manipulated and controlled has limits. Cardiology has enjoyed great medical successes in the past hundred years with the advent of stents, pacemakers, defibrillators, bypass surgery, and transplants, but even these modern miracles are approaching their limits.

“A record of our emotional life is written on the heart. Modern medicine must be complemented with attention to the emotional life that the heart is understood to contain. A new paradigm is desperately needed that honors psychological and social factors front and center.” This was said by Sandeep Jauhar, a cardiologist for two decades. This is what he has learned as he’s tended his heart patients.

“Each heart has a biography, language, and method of revealing its truth, if we know how to listen”, says Dr. Mimi Guarnari, a renowned cardiologist.

Can I just tell you how much you matter?  Your story matters, that you heal your heart matters. A lot.

We have a ‘false’ programming as women that we’re not enough, less than, not always worthy, scary to speak our truth, only loveable if….fill in the blank. 

‘False’ means it’s not true. Even though it feels very real.

The truth is every heart matters. Your heart matters. It’s a treasure trove and fountain of healing awaiting your decision to activate the healing intelligence in every cell of your body.

Will you?

In invite you, I support you, I honor you, and I hope you decide to say “yes” to your heart.

Let’s at least talk.

Yes, it’s possible to not die of a heart event before your time! It’s absolutely possible to prevent heart disease. It’s never too late to manage and reverse the #1 killer of women over 50! If you’ve tried everything your Dr. has told you, but it still hasn’t ‘moved the needle’…it’s not your fault. When a woman has the clear signs of heart disease — such as rising inflammation, blood pressure, sugar or cholesterol —  there’s not really time to waste. She’s got to reverse those markers to avoid a heart attack or stroke. And some women aren’t aware that these markers are early warning signs. Prevention is vital, with or without family history, whether or not you “feel” any symptoms.. The most important components of heart health aren’t even recommended, but there are natural ways to heal your condition! Do you know you have more life in you? Do you want to see your children and grandchildren grow? This book is for women who are ready to take the reins of health and thrive rather than live with a death sentence. The best-selling book “Reverse Heart Disease Naturally”,  author Laurie Morse, with her 30 years of helping women naturally prevent and reverse heart disease, will show you just how easy it is to:

  • Improve your heart health markers in as little as 3 weeks!
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  • Know exactly which nutrition, treatments, and plans are best for you.
  • Reduce or eliminate medications…side-effects be gone!
  • Prevent a heart attack before it happens

If you’re ready to reverse your heart disease you’ve got to have ALL the right ingredients for the recipe of heart health, it can’t be just a few. Every ingredient you need is in the 7 Failproof Steps to Heart Health don’t wait another moment, apply for your Heart Health Assessment today!

Case Study

Mary a 62yr old woman who has worked full time for decades, is really smart and good at what she does began feeling really tired. So she didn’t do much exercise for what she thought would be a short time, but then that time got stretched out. She didn’t eat great because her plate was full. She has a history of heart disease in her family. Her cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar, began ticking up a few years ago which concerned her but she didn’t have time to give it much attention. She had good girlfriends but she didn’t tell anyone that deep down she was really scared. So scared that she felt overwhelmed and couldn’t get any traction in taking better care of herself. Her marriage of 30+ years is marginal at best, they’ve gone through a lot, her heart feels tight often. So she travels which is the source of much joy, but it doesn’t change the course of her health.


When she and I began working together she knew she needed to “get a grip”. We talked about how anyone can prevent and reverse a heart problem if they put together the right recipe and follow it. That’s how any good dish is prepared.


Today, a little over a year later, she’s moving 4 times a week, she’s playing music, she’s eating heart healthy and loving it (she just didn’t want to give up her glass of wine with girlfriends a couple times a week, and she didn’t have to), she’s off blood pressure medication, her blood glucose has gone from 112 to 87, and she most importantly she feels good and trusts her body. According to her she loves practicing trusting her body and Source, she considers that to be the biggest shift in her heart. She still goes immediately to fear when she feels something off, but she’s gotten better at not staying there, she pivots so she can access the personal medicine that lives inside her (true for everyone), which according to her is huge because she was constantly freaking herself out by googling everything before. Now she listens to her heart which guides her constantly. She tells me all the time, “I’m now living my healthy life and it feels like it won’t be cut short!”



“When I first started working Laurie I was in a wheelchair with a cane in my hand and hope in my heart but hesitation in my mind. Today I walk fully capable without a cane, my pain has been reduced from a constant six to an even and fully manageable two and going down daily, and I am able to run, practice yoga, and play with my nieces again. What miracle could have possibly brought me such results? Quantum Qi breathing, Creative Healing Processes, conscious effort of the right food intake, and herbal supplements that have begun to untangle my bodies disease and restore life back into me. Before I had found Laurie I had been looking to Western Medicine for the answer; I was on nine pills a day to “cure” my heart disease and pain and supposedly heal my body but nothing was helping me. I was completely impaired at the point of meeting Laurie and within only two months time by listening to my body, praising my body, discovering my Creative Life Force, and allowing my body to breath, energies were exchanged and my body began to heal itself. As I began to listen to my body I realized that the more I tried to change what was happening to it, the more it resisted healing. Each creative healing process gave me a new opportunity to remind myself to allow my body to take the time it needed to heal and after every session my body felt relaxed, pain free, and open. For me, this was like a little piece of Heaven being that my heart disease makes my body very tense, tight, and painful. Taking my first step into this venture I couldn’t have imagined being where I am today but if I can convince one person by writing this to invest in making the choices of the 7 Failproof Steps to Heart Health I will feel like I made a difference because I honestly believe it saved my life.


–Kathy K. ~San Diego, CA